Don’t Skip Out on Bail

By | March 22, 2018

Using a bondsman to free yourself from the hell of jail is a privilege, not a right. If you use a Harrisburg bail bondsman¬†service to get out of jail and then skip on that bond, you’ll lose that privilege and face a slew of additional consequences. Those consequences affect you and the individual who signed the bond.

When you skip bond, the person who signed your bond will get a million and one calls from the courts and the binding agent in search of your whereabouts. This is really a nuisance, but what’s even more disturbing is that this person will need to cover the rest of the bond amount or face potential arrest themselves. This is surely to cause a ton of anger and resentment and you do not want this to occur between anyone who is truly on your side.

Your bond is also revoked and a bench warrant is issued for your rest. You certainly do not want to live life on the run, especially if you’re facing only a simple misdemeanor charge. But, this is your only option aside from going to jail after skipping out on a bond. When you are finally caught, you’ll sit in jail until your scheduled court appearance where a judge decides your fate. He’ll be none too happy to learn that you skipped on bail.

If you get out of jail on bond, make sure you hold true to your word and appear in court. It just doesn’t make sense to skip out on the bail. You cannot run forever and wouldn’t want to try. It only makes the situation worse at the end of the day. You’re free, not face the consequences of the charge.

It simply isn’t ever worth skipping out on bail!